We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

Who we are

FSS GASES LIMITED is an established supplier and installer of Safety, Security, Automated Fire suppression,
Detection and Alarm systems.

To provide a full line of quality fire detection and suppression products and services with cost effective solutions for protecting life, property and the environment.

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Our Services
Fire Suppression image

Fire Suppression Systems

An automatic fire protection system is designed to detect the presence of fire and suppress it.

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Fire Alarm Image

Fire Detection Systems

The earlier a fire is detected, the smaller are the dangers and damages caused by the fire.

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Personal Protective Equipments

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are designed to protect from injury or infection.

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                   Safety                   Signages

Safety Signs are crucial in any work environment

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Saved 3800+ Lives and Properties
We also provide competent training, certification, technical support, project design and specification, provisional consumables, maintenance and services to Fire Safety Installers, consultants and end users.
Fire Sprinkler

Delivering the best Safety & Automated Fire Suppression Solutions to our Clients