We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties


INERGEN® Clean Agent

INERGEN® is a gaseous fire extinguishing agent comprising of 52% nitrogen, 40% argon and 8% carbon dioxide, all of which are gases normally found in the Earth's atmosphere. It is used as a total flooding agent which extinguishes fires by diluting the oxygen concentration within an area to a point below the level that will support combustion.


How does INERGEN® works?
INERGEN® works on a principal called oxygen displacement. Oxygen displacement works by reducing the oxygen level in a room, so a fire cannot "breathe". The level at which a fire can no longer exist varies and very much depends upon what is burning. The process however can briefly be described as follows:

  • The natural atmosphere contains approx. 20.9% oxygen. · The oxygen displacement principle lowers oxygen levels to below 15%. With less than 15% oxygen, the most common fire cannot exist and therefore results in extinction (within 30-45 seconds).

  • The unique quality of INERGEN® is that it contains 8% CO2. CO2 has a physiological effect that stimulates breathing, thus allowing the body to carry more oxygen resulting in the body maintaining the same levels of oxygen as if in the normal atmosphere.


Three types of INERGEN® systems are available, subject to the type of fire risk involved;
1. Premier, for Large multiple area protection
2. Conventional for medium, and
3. Direct orifice system for small “Business Critical Areas” of protection.

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