We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties


FM-200 Clean-Agent Fire Protection

FM-200® fire suppressant stops fires fast. When you consider the potentially devastating environmental effects of an uncontrolled fire, it's easy to see that an FM-200® System is an important part of an environmentally responsible fire suppression solution.


FM-200® Systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. This is the fastest fire protection available, period. When fire is extinguished this quickly, it means less damage, lower repair costs, and an extra margin of safety for people. It also means less downtime and disruption of business.


Many fire suppression systems can cause major damage to and even destroy the very things they are supposed to protect. You're looking to avoid damage not cause it. You're looking to reduce downtime not lengthen it. You want a fire suppression system that deploys quickly and cleanly and won't leave behind oily residue, particulate matter or water.

Water from water sprinklers will damage contents, but FM-200® with simple design and installations protects the value and importance of contents and personnel without an aftermath cleanup, and implicity in design & installation.

FM-200® fire suppressant can be safely used where people are present.
Typical Applications: Computer rooms, Telecom facilities (cell sites), Process control rooms, Vaults/records storage, Historical buildings (museums, art galleries, libraries).

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